Lucila Nalvarte Maddox

Instantiating Ideas of Limitless Space:
Thinking through Painting

PhD Exhibition Dates: Wednesday 21 May to Saturday 7 June 2014
Exhibition Opening
: Saturday 24 May at 2pm at the University Gallery

Lucila Nalvarte MaddoxLucila Nalvarte Maddox Orchestrating the invisible 2011-2013, oil on canvas, 92 x 76 cm

Lucila Nalvarte Maddox through her PhD research, challenges Paul Cezanne's comment, "I venture to depict matter as it takes some form, as the birth of order through spontaneous organisation", by transforming perception through endless painting processes.

In this sense, Instantiating Ideas of Limitless Space: Thinking through Painting, conveys a research exhibition that explores the thesis that time passes, yet never ends. Discerning that the universe holds time as an open-ended cosmological container, the canvas, by extension, also holds the vehicular medium of painting as an open-ended process of transformation.

Download the exhibition catalogue pdf (925KB)