Exhibition dates: Wednesday 24 June to Saturday 11 July 2015

Exhibition opening with the artist to be launched by Dr Rod Pattenden

: Saturday 27 June from 2pm

Lezlie Tilley, Verse 16 from the Halloween series, 2012 ongoing, mixed media

Lezlie Tilley's art practice is deeply entwined with poetry: poetry in its written literary form, as well as the kind of poetry found in abstract ideas or the expression of material structure.

Tilley's works in this exhibition explore the possibilities created by taking a fundamental form or idea and extrapolating it infinitely, reducing it to positive and negative shapes, or employing repetition with small and intricate variations in colour, size, and stroke. Tilley searches for the essence of form, revealing the simple and inherent beauty in the minutiae of lines, patterns, and the seemingly random arrangement of individual marks on a surface.

This exploration of possibilities also includes Tilley's response to the 28-stanza poem, Halloween, by Scottish poet and lyricist Robert (Robbie) Burns in 1785. Taken from a loved and tattered book of poetry given to her by her grandmother, Tilley investigates each canto over six panels – stretching and separating the poem into its various constituent parts, illuminating its intrinsic literary geometries while preserving its connection to the whole.

Lezlie Tilley is represented by Brenda May Gallery, Sydney.

Please join the artist for the exhibition opening to be launched by Dr Rod Pattenden on Saturday 27 June at 2pm. This event is free, all are welcome and refreshments will be served. Your RSVP is appreciated. Phone 02 49215255 or email: gallery@newcastle.edu.au