George Gittoes

I Witness

Exhibition: 1 to 25 October 2014

George Gittoes

George Gittoes at Occupy Wall Street, 2011. Photograph by Zony Maya.

Free Public Lectures

In conjunction with I Witness, exhibition curator Dr Rod Pattenden will speak on George Gittoes – his life and art. Both events are free. Your RSVP is appreciated, please phone the Gallery 02 4921 5255 or email

Wednesday 15 October at 12noon: Please meet at the University Gallery at 11.55am for a short walk to Lecture Theatre AT25.

Saturday 25 October at 2pm at the University Gallery.

I Witness is a fusion of George Gittoes' compellingly confronting work. The amalgamation of Gittoes' works span over the past 45 years. I Witness presents a selection of works from The Yellow House explorations in the 1970's, documentary-making and other work in Nicaragua and the Philipines in the 1980's, documentary-art involvement in the Middle East, Rwanda and Cambodia throughout the 1990's and more recent works from his Iraq, Pakistan and Afganistan presence.

Through the mediums of photography, cinematography, paintings, drawings, and profound diaries, Gittoes has travelled, witnessed and documented the essence of conflict and social schisms. The powerful work that has been produced over the years gives an anguishing insight into modern conflict and the implications it can cause.

"Our world has entered a time where no one really knows who is leading us into war, why we are going there and if anyone has any vision of why we are doing it. By creating in a war zone an artist can show ways to heal and mend.

"…Artists see things very differently and that emotion and imagination can be as truthful as facts and film [from journalism]."

It is through Gittoes' passions and close engagement in cultural and social schisms that the art produced tells chilling and grounding stories that transmits imagination and prompts social change.

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