Chris Capper

Memorials, icons and signs

Exhibition dates: Wednesday 15 June to Saturday 2 July 2016

Please join the artist for the exhibition exhibition launch at the University Gallery to be opened by Damien Minton: Wednesday 15 June from 5:30pm

Chris Capper’s meditative paintings offer a space for contemplation and reflection. His evocative compositions are careful considerations of form and space, yet are not committed to precise definition. Vibrant orbs imply flowers, while interiors are mapped in abstracted geometry, both recurring motifs throughout his works.

memorials, icons and signs presents a survey of practice. The paintings selected for this exhibition touch on themes of loss, memory and hope. Like diary entries, they follow a painter’s intimate journey through the highs and lows – from the everyday to the profound.

Colour is harnessed as an emotional trigger; works bloom with a vibrant contrasting palette or are muted to convey a sense of sorrow about time passing, but with recognition for beauty and completeness. His paintings made in memorium are poignant with meaning through his deft touch.

Inhabiting a space between representation and formalist abstraction, Capper has a rare facility for the human condition that becomes poetic when he tells a story on canvas

Image details: Chris Capper, Lyn's vase. In memory of Lyn Thompson, 1998, oil on canvas, 50 x 60 cm