Caelli Jo Brooker

Lost in Translation:
the materialisation of the mark
in the digital age

PhD Exhibition: Saturday 1 to Saturday 22 February 2014
Exhibition Opening: Saturday 1 February at 2pm

Caelli Jo Brooker-1 Caelli Jo Brooker [left to right] Tower Rhizome (Light), 2013, chenille sticks; To the Cave/Mound: a contranym, 2013, oil, acrylic, ink, pencil and caryon on board (diptych); Tower Rhizome (Dark), 2013, chenille sticks. Installation view.

Lost in Translation, forms the exhibition component of Caelli Jo Brooker's Doctor of
Philosophy (Fine Art) thesis. This creative work for examination draws on individual
experience in the fields of art and design, and extends an ongoing investigation into
the abstract gestural mark.

Inspired by an instance of slippage between the analogue and digital, this practice-led
research navigates multiple binary oppositions shared by art and design. These
binaries are translated through the material experience of mark-making as both
subject matter and methodology.

Thematically, the generative potential of difference and repetition is manifested in the
cave/mound shapes appearing throughout the work. These symbolic forms provide a
recurring visual motif, an image embodying contrasting simultaneous interpretations.

To this end, the creative work for the exhibition involves distinct, but interwoven
streams of material investigation and association across drawing, design, printmaking,
painting, sculpture and artists' books.

The work also engages the playful in examining the philosophical. Multiple visual
and conceptual themes appear as the repeating shapes of rhizomes, caves, tunnels,
towers and mounds, are abstracted, explored and described in scribbles, knots
and spots throughout the work. Line, colour and shape combine; expanding and
contrasting in shifting compositions within the work for exhibition.

In exploring these multiple themes and concepts, Lost in Translation presents a
personal response to the question of how mark-making might materialise in light of
the potentialities of the digital creative landscape.

Download a pdf of the exhibition catalogue (1.6MB)