Junior Instrument Program

For children over six years of age

Junior Instrument Program
The Junior Instrumental Program is a two year program designed to cater for young students (from age six and up) with little or no previous musical experience.

Tuition is offered in a one hour class (length may be shorter depending on class numbers) in the keyboard studio.

During the first year of the JIP keyboard course children learn to listen, read, write and play music using the keyboard. Thorough training is given, progressing to more advanced music reading, rhythm and written musicianship skills.

The course offers children the opportunity to continue to build on the skills learnt in the first year. Students continue with more advanced reading and musicianship skills, technical competency, improvisation,transposition and aural training.

Class times

All children must start in Level 1 unless they have previous relevant musical experience.

JIP - Level 1 Monday 4pm
JIP - Level 1  Wednesday 4pm
JIP - Level 2 Monday 5pm
JIP - Level 3Wednesday 5pm

Junior Instrumental Program fees

Group/classroom tuition

Lesson duration

Cost (per term inc GST)

Junior Instrumental Program
(excludes instrument hire)

1 hour once per week


Junior Instrumental Program
(Includes instrument hire - refundable bond
of $100 required on enrolment)

1 hour once per week


See enrolment information and term dates.

Future Junior Instrumental Programs

Other programs are being developed to cater for a broader range of instruments based on student enrolments. This may include strings, woodwind, brass and percussion.