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Assessment of Application

The University of Newcastle will assess this application, advise of the charges (if any) and forward an Agreement for completion and signature.

This application is NOT A CONFIRMATION of facilities booked until:

  1. The University of Newcastle has approved the application
  2. The agreement has been signed by the hirer and the University.
  3. The appropriate charges have been paid.
  4. A Certificate of Currency for Professional Indemnity & Public Liability insurance is provided for both hirer and external contractors used by the hirer.
  5. Certificate of Currency for Workers Compensation insurance is provided for both the hirer and any external contractors used by the hirer.
  6. Equipment provided by the hirer and external contractor have been tested and tagged in accordance with Australian Standard 3760 (service available if required).
  7. If this is your first application to hire University of Newcastle Facilities, please provide some information about the nature and purpose of your organisation and attach it to this application.

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