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My Family Recipes

Food defines our culture and feeds the soul!

Cooking can be a meaningful cultural experience in connecting with people, discovering authentic ingredients, and enriching our lifestyle.

For thousands of years in history, there is a deep-rooted cultural heritage of Chinese cooking that is beyond just food but is also about gathering, serving, and family love.

Recipes in China have long been a tradition handed down from one generation to the next through personal memories.

The Confucius Institute at the University of Newcastle would like to spread our passion and share some of our family recipes with you.

Dark Muscovado Ci Ba (Cookie) by Hannah Shuai (PDF)

Cookie recipe

Chinese Style Hamburger by Vicky Shi (PDF)

Chinese hamburger recipe

Stewed lamb with carrots by Jin Wang (PDF)

Stewed lamb recipe

Three Treasures Soup by Hannah Shuai (PDF)

Three Treasures Soup by Hannah Shuai

More recipes are coming.