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China Study Tour

This is a cultural and educational visit to China organised annually by the Confucius Institute. It is a great opportunity for students of the Confucius Institute to immerse themselves in the culture and history of China, while gaining a contemporary perspective on a very different society. The tour also includes a visit to Central China Normal University (CCNU), our Chinese partner university in China, where you will take Chinese classes and interact with CCNU students.

The Confucius Institute at the University of Newcastle invites you for the 2018 China Study Tour. The theme of this year’s tour is wildlife.

The 2018 Study Tour to China

This tour is designed to broaden your knowledge about contemporary Chinese culture and language, and deepen your understanding of the impact that Chinese history and traditional culture have on all aspects of contemporary China. With ‘wildlife’ being the theme of this tour, you will also be able to explore Mount Emei, home to more than 2,300 species of wildlife. In addition, this tour will give you an invaluable opportunity to study Chinese at Central China Normal University (CCNU), our Chinese partner university, and interact with CCNU students.

The tour will include visits to three major cities.

1. Chengdu, City of the Giant Panda. It is the capital of Sichuan province in Southwest China. In Chengdu, you will join the famous Panda Wonderland Tour to visit all the famous panda-related spots in and around Chengdu, and watch the magic face changing performance. You will also explore the wildlife and visit Buddhist temples on Mount Emei.

2. Wuhan, where CCNU is located. Situated at the crossroads of central China on the Yangtze River, Wuhan is the capital of Hubei Province and the biggest city in Central China. In Wuhan, you will attend a 20-hour Chinese class. In addition, while you are there you will explore the city and pay side visits to some smaller towns around Wuhan to engage in cultural activities.

3. Shanghai, the largest city by population in China, with a total population of about 25 million. It is a global city, with influence in commerce, culture, finance, media, fashion, technology, and transport. Shanghai is also a major financial centre and the busiest container port in the world. In Shanghai you will visit the Bund, Chenshan Botanical Garden, as well as the extensive and growing Lujiazui skyline. It has been described as the ‘showpiece’ of the booming economy of mainland China.

Draft Itinerary

  • Saturday 29th September: Depart Sydney and arrive in Chengdu (CA430)
  • Sunday 30th September -Tuesday 2nd October: cultural investigation in Chengdu
  • Tuesday 2nd October: Depart Chengdu and arrive in Wuhan (CA4587)
  • Wednesday 3rd – Friday 5th October: Cultural investigation in Wuhan and nearby towns
  • Saturday 6th- Wednesday 10th October: Chinese classes, HSK Test, and other activities at CCNU
  • Thursday 11th October: Depart Wuhan and arrive in Shanghai (MU2511)
  • Thursday 11th-Saturday 13th October: cultural and wildlife observation in Shanghai
  • Saturday 13th October: Depart Shanghai (CA175)
  • Sunday 14th October: Arrive in Sydney

Financial Support and Your Cost

The Confucius Institute Headquarters will provide a financial support up to AU$1,200, which will subsidise twin shared accommodation, activities, ground transportation, meals, etc. You will pay the shortfall, the airfares, and the visa application fee, etc.


As long as you will have studied Chinese for 40 hours at our Confucius Institute by the end of Term Three 2018, you are eligible to apply to join the tour.

According to the Confucius Institute Headquarters’ regulations regarding the CI Study Tour, the minimum number of participants of each tour is 20, consequently if there are not enough people who are committed to attending, then the tour will be cancelled.

To Apply

To apply for this fantastic opportunity, you need to submit the completed Application Form by Friday 15th June 2018.

Please send your application form by email to

If you have any more questions concerning the 2018 CI Study Tour to China, please contact Jonathan directly

Phone: +61 2 4985 4041 or