Meet Our Students

My studies at the Confucius Institute have been a fantastic experience for me. I began beginners classes at the start of 2015. Since then my thirst to learn the language grows with each passing day. If it were not for the structure and the well delivered classes I know I would never have come this far. The teachers are very conscientious and dedicated. There really is no better method of self-improvement than learning this beautiful language at the Confucius Institute.

- Tim Boyd, Chinese Intermediate 1 at Callaghan Campus

I have been learning Chinese for three terms now and am grateful for having chosen the Confucius Institute. The teacher is amazing and the encouragement to read everything in characters has improved my learning greatly. I always look forward to Tuesdays and would highly recommend the course to anyone wishing to learn the language.

- Hayley Gates, Chinese Intermediate 1 at Callaghan Campus

We love our Chinese language lessons. It's fun, easy to comprehend, and very interesting. Our granddaughter is also learning with us and love it. All our teachers are very good. 

- John and Heather Anderson, Chinese Intermediate 2

The reason I have started to learn Chinese is because I have traveled to China a couple of times. Studying Mandarin will help me communicate and understand the people, culture and language next time I travel there. The class and teachers are very friendly and I have a lot of fun.

- Yvonne Nicol, Chinese Intermediate 2

I have done a Marathon, completed an Ironman 70.3 event last year, love to kayak and go bushwalking. I look to Tai Chi for its benefits of harmonisation for the mind and body. The instructor was exceptional, she knew the form really well and taught with clarity and a lot of patience. What I liked most about the Confucius Institute course was its authenticity.

- Scott Bishop, Tai Chi 2

I first joined the Tai Chi 1 course while waiting for a sporting injury to heal. Since then I have found an improvement in balance and seen how other students progress from awkward movements towards grace and strength over time. I find the challenge of learning new movements and sequences addictive. I also quite enjoy the teacher who is very friendly, skilled and patient.

- Merrin Avery, Tai Chi 3