Alumni Homecoming

Reconnect. Reminisce. Rediscover

Alumni Homecoming Event Program, Wednesday 21 - Friday 22 October 2015

In October we celebrated 50 years of late night study sessions, of forging lifelong friendships and of flying mortarboards with Alumni Homecoming - three days of reunions and seminars, a Homecoming Great Debate, the inspiring Alumni Awards and 'Back to the Bar', our first ever alumni reunion concert at Bar on the Hill. Visit our facebook page for photos and a wrap up of Homecoming.

50 years of UON history 

In 50 short years, the University of Newcastle, its staff, students and alumni, have made a remarkable impact on the the region and the globe. Through the delivery of excellence in education, research and innovation, UON is recognised as an institution that is making its mark on the world stage.