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Looking Ahead Lecture Series

Event • 25 Aug 2020 from 5:15pm - 28 Jul 2020 until 6:30pm

Better Healthier Living - Looking Ahead Lecture Series

Join Professor Frances Kay-Lambkin as she examines the impact bushfires, drought and COVID-19 have had on our mental health and how we build resilience as a community to withstand growing and continual challenge.


Event • 4 Aug 2020 from 6:00pm - 1 Sep 2020 until 7:00pm

Synth Sound Secrets: Short Course

This course will help you expand your knowledge from the constraints of the traditional piano to an array of modern keyboards with various techniques to learn how to get the most out of your keyboard and devices.

Mixing board

Event • 5 Aug 2020 from 5:00pm - 2 Sep 2020 until 6:00pm

From Beat to Release: Short Course

This short course will help you complete your songs, ready for release.

Mixing board

Event • 5 Aug 2020 from 6:30pm - 18 Aug 2020 until 7:30pm

Ableton Push Collaboration: Short Course

Be a part of Australia’s first Ableton Push collaboration!

Thumbnail image of microphone

Event • 6 Aug 2020 from 5:00pm - 3 Sep 2020 until 7:00pm

Performing To Camera: Short Course

Aimed at vocalists of all ages and facilitated by singer and vocal coach, in this course participants will record/film themselves singing to backing tracks for the digital world.

Musician with guitar

Event • 6 Aug 2020 from 6:00pm - 3 Sep 2020 until 7:00pm

Sound and Colour – Online Song Writing Course

This online course is aimed at those who want to pursue or learn more about song writing and share their music with the world.

Spotify logo and earphones

Event • 9 Sep 2020 from 5:00pm - 23 Sep 2020 until 6:00pm

How To Release Music: Short Course

This 3-week course is designed to help artists navigate the various promotional strategies, release platforms and revenue streams.