Alumni Advisory Committee

What is the AAC?

The Alumni Advisory Committee is a group established by the University of Newcastle Act and bound by the Rules governing Convocation.

The AAC represents the University of Newcastle's body of convocation by providing advice on University strategy, policy and activities affecting UON alumni.

Members of the AAC are elected by the UON alumni at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) of Convocation. The 2018 AGM will be held in December.  All members of convocation are eligible to nominate and vote.

Meet the AAC President and the current AAC members

What does the AAC do?

Members of the AAC meet six times per year to provide strategic advice to UON, including recommendations for the selection of graduate members of the University Council. They are also among the first community members consulted on major changes to the University's direction.

What is Convocation?

Convocation consists of UON graduates, current and former members of the University Council, current and former staff of UON, and graduates and past Council members of UON's antecedent institutions.

If you would like more information about the AAC or the AGM, please email