The University of Newcastle, Australia

Exceptional Community Service Award

The Exceptional Community Service Award recognises the work of an outstanding community member who has made a significant impact, and has enhanced the reputation of the University of Newcastle and its relationship with the wider community.

Previous recipients have enriched society through their work in community fundraising, establishing arts and culture, and embedding sustainability models in local society.

  • 2018 Dr Bernard Curran
  • 2017 Dr Joanne McCarthy
  • 2016 Dr Neelam Pradhananga
  • 2015 Dr William Tan
  • 2014 Judy White
  • 2013 Maree Gleeson & William Edward John Paradice
  • 2012 Jennie Thomas
  • 2011 Pauline Chiarelli
  • 2010 Robert Nelson
  • 2009 Pippa Robinson
  • 2008 Greg Hays