Dr Xanthe Spindler
Bachelor of Science (Forensic) (Honours) 2006

Quickly establishing herself as a leading academic in forensic science, Dr Xanthe Spindler has a strong international profile in fingerprint sciences. She is Program Director for undergraduate Forensic Biology, Masters and Honours Forensic Science students at the University of Technology Sydney. Xanthe’s research in the efficacy of fingermark enhancement techniques is having a huge impact operationally, with more identifiable fingermarks being detected than ever before, and resulting in more offender identification and arrests.

With 25 peer reviewed papers, international presentations, and more than $600,000 of external research earnings as a Chief Investigator, including ARC, Xanthe is a media-savvy academic. She has developed strong partnerships in law enforcement both in Australia and internationally, and led preparation of the International Fingerprint Research Group’s – the world-leading research network in the fingerprint sciences – guidelines for the evaluation of fingermark detection techniques, published and adopted by practitioners world-wide.