Associate Professor Aunty Kerrie Doyle
Bachelor of Arts (Psychology) 1999
Graduate Diploma in Health Science 1993

As a practicing nurse, researcher, educator and mentor, Associate Professor Aunty Kerrie Doyle has devoted her life to the care of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander patients. She currently coordinates clinical and research studies at Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, and takes a lead role in curriculum development across all health disciplines.

Kerrie is an allied health specialist and leader in remote and rural health delivery, mental health and midwifery. She has published extensively and her work has expanded knowledge, raised awareness and developed understanding of contributing factors to patient care and the determinants of good health. She has worked internationally in other areas requiring specialist care; including a position with the World Health Organisation in Oman.  Kerrie was the first Indigenous Australian woman to graduate from Oxford University, receiving the Graduate Scholar Award from Wolfson College in 2013. She has since been awarded an Endeavour Fellowship by the Commonwealth of Australia, and is due to submit her PhD in 2017.