Dr Andrew Bivard
PhD (Medicine) 2013
Bachelor of Biomedical Science (Honours) 2009

An Early Career Research Fellow at the Hunter Medical Research Institute, Dr Andrew Bivard’s work centres on acute ischemic stroke imaging, and patient selection for reperfusion therapies. Extremely talented at translating his research into clinical practice, Andrew led his team to develop the imaging processing program MiStar with industry partner Apollo. He has subsequently helped over 50 university hospitals worldwide incorporate new imaging techniques along with MiStar into their routine clinical assessments of patients suspected to have an ischaemic stroke.

Expanding his repertoire to design and run both acute stroke and stroke recovery trials, Andrew has completed an interventional study to investigate the effects of long term fatigue on brain structure and function, and to identify the effect of a common anti-fatigue drug on brain function. During this time, he also established and led an imaging research laboratory, been awarded 3 million dollars in research support, published 51 peer reviewed articles, presented at 26 international conferences, supervised five PhD candidates and completed his own PhD and postdoctoral fellowship.