Professor Dr Carla Treloar
PhD (Medicine) 1995
Bachelor of Science (Honours) 1991

Professor Dr Carla Treloar is the leading international social scientist in hepatitis C, an infection that affects many of the most disadvantaged in our society. Her work helps guide how clinical, policy and community programs can support or hinder access to care; and how someone who has injected drugs comes to understand and make decisions about hepatitis C.

Director of two research centres at the University of New South Wales (UNSW) and Chair of the PLuS Alliance for UNSW, she has published more than 160 peer reviewed publications and attracted more than $22 million in research funding. Beyond a prolific research and teaching career, she is an active adviser to government, health service and community agencies, underlining her commitment to local service delivery and ensuring that the social aspects of life with a chronic and stigmatised condition receive significant attention.