The University of Newcastle, Australia

Professor Xiaowei Du

Xiaowei Du Winner: Business Events Sydney - Australia China Alumni Award for Research and Innovation

Professor Xiaowei Du is a widely respected expert in Chinese medicinal botany. She is a highly successful teacher and researcher and is currently the Vice-President of the Pharmacy College at Heilongjiang University of Chinese Medicine (HUCM). She completed a PhD at The University of Newcastle in 2002.

Professor Du played an instrumental role in determining optimum harvesting times of various medicinal herbs, which directly contributed to increased quality and yield of crops.

Her research has evaluated the ability of Chinese medicines to improve sleep. Her methodology will lead to a new natural sedative drug free from the side effects of chemical drugs used to aid sleep.

She has also studied functional endophytic fungi in selected medicinal herbs, proving that fungi increase active components in the herbs which enhances the effectiveness of the herbs.

Professor Du has published six textbooks on Chinese medicine and pharmacy, as well as over 30 articles in a range of scientific journals including Progress in Modern Biomedicine, Science & Technology Review, and Chinese Journal of Pharmaceutical Analysis.