The University of Newcastle, Australia

Let our Voice be Heard and Presence be Felt

Aaron ChiangThe University of Newcastle’s golden jubilee anniversary was celebrated with many exciting events and I am proud to have had the honour of serving as UON’s Hong Kong Alumni Chapter President within this year.

To commence the celebrations, UON hosted a ‘Homecoming’ with all alumni invited to attend. As my studies with UON were completed online, I had never been to my alma mater and I was excited to finally visit the campus. A small but high-level delegation travelled from Hong Kong to Newcastle to attend the event held over several days, 21-23 October 2015.

On behalf of the Hong Kong Alumni, I took the opportunity to address the audience in the Great Hall, alongside other alumni association representatives. In addition, we gathered for a meeting with the International Alumni Committee – a collection of representatives from various alumni associations. Dr Andy Mak and I were invited as representatives from the Hong Kong Alumni Chapter and we had the chance to express our views regarding a restructured DBA program to be offered in Hong Kong and a subsidy provided to our Chapter , directly to the Committee.

All in all, I considered my first journey to UON, which gave me the opportunity to tour around the city and the main campus, a memorable and rewarding one. More importantly, we left our footprint in the campus, both physically and symbolically - the voice of our Hong Kong Alumni Chapter was proudly and loudly heard by academic and administrative staff, students and alumni at the campus.