The University of Newcastle, Australia

Interview with Dr Roy Chung

Co-Founder of Techtronic Industries Co. Ltd (TTI)

On 20 September 2016, the Chairman of UON’s Hong Kong Alumni Chapter, Dr Aaron Chiang, accompanied by a UON exchange student, Samuel McKenzie, had the privilege of interviewing UON alumnus Dr Roy Chung Chi-Ping. During the interview, Dr Chung gave us insights into the way he lived his life, which could be reflected through four inspirational books he recommended to us.

From Good to Great by James C. Collins

Dr Chung said, “This book describes how companies transition from being good companies to great companies. It inspired me to establish TTI and gave insight on how I could bring the company to the next level.” He also explained that he started working at the young age of 16 and went on to become the co-founder of TTI in 1990. With a focus on technological innovation and a keen industrial mind, he helped grow and shape TTI into the power tool and service equipment company it is today.

How the Mighty Fall by James C. Collins

Dr Chung said, “Know your limits – when you feel you can’t do your job well anymore, allow the enthusiastic young minds you have employed to provide your business with further direction. The Chinese always say ‘It’s difficult to start a business, but it’s much more difficult to sustain one (創業難,守業更難)’. To ensure a sustainable business you have to work hard and learn how to grow your business through different stages. Using football as an analogy, when you’re ahead three goals you start to focus on your defensive strategies. But in the business world, unless you are planning to close down the business, you never know when the finishing time is, so you have to grow your business continuously. It’s a never-ending process. That's why I stepped down at TTI, to let the younger people run and sustain the business so that the mighty will not fall.”

Halftime: Moving from Success to Significance by Bob Buford

Once again, like playing football, Dr Chung said, “When you reach halftime and you’re ahead or behind by two goals, you have to change your strategy for the second half. Our lives are the same! Assuming we have 80 years of life, when you reach 40, you should know what you are going to do in the next half.” Dr Chung planned to nurture both his career and personal life at his half time, to pave the way for a good finish.

Finishing Well: What people who really live do differently by Bob Buford

Dr Chung said, “Now I’m almost three-quarters through my life, how do I finish well?” Although Dr Chung retired from his Vice President and Executive Director position in 2011, he remains a Non-Executive Director of TTI. Dr Chung also has a strong commitment to community service, particularly to education, children and industries. He said, “I like to encourage young people to study more and gain knowledge and through this I have become very involved in the management of universities, vocational education providers and high schools as a member of their respective Council/Committees.”

He amplifies his community engagement, working as the Chairman and Founder of the Bright Future Charitable Foundation, helping to ensure younger generations have a future they deserve. He highlighted the logo of his Foundation, a bird is pictured spreading its wings, the colour orange fading from right to left representing the sun’s light. “It looks towards the right, the start of the sun, with a bright future,” he says, “I am proud to say that I am finishing well.”

Education is of utmost importance

Dr Chung told us, “Right now we’re in a knowledge economy and you need to have knowledge otherwise you cannot compete with others. Lifelong learning is very important for everybody and that is what I have strived for for most of my life. I am very honoured to have received an honorary degree from UON and since then I’ve gained four extra degrees.”

Vote of thanks

At the end of the meeting, Dr Chung was presented with a certificate of appreciation from UON for his generous donation to the Hong Kong Alumni Chapter in celebration of UON’s 50th Anniversary. We are proud to have such an outstanding alumnus who has made significant contributions to the Hong Kong industry and education sectors through extensive community service.