The University of Newcastle, Australia

Council member reflections

Dr Benjamin Fung

Although I had two masters degrees, three postgraduate diplomas and several professional titles, I was still looking for a new intellectual challenge and decided to study a professional doctorate - Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) degree at UON from 2003 to 2005.

The DBA program at UON is an exciting and innovative doctoral degree that provided me with the practical skills and experience of doctoral-level research.

Stephen Lam

The Doctor of Business Administration Program at the University of Newcastle prepared me to be a successful and independent academic researcher. It allowed me to think logically about research and experiments; what was the question you were answering? Why is it important? Is it the best question you could be asking? Will the experiment or analysis you perform clearly answer the question?

The DBA program is well-structured and guidance from my supervisor was always available. However, my dissertation has been the largest test of my own commitment, patience, and perseverance but now that I have completed my studies I have found it well worth the challenge and I'm very happy that I decided to do my DBA at the University of Newcastle.

Dr Andy Mak

I retired from my position as the Head of Section for the Hong Kong Aircraft Engineering Company Limited (HAECO) in 2012 as Head of Section, after 44 years of service. In 2013 I graduated at UON with a Doctor of Business Administration. Even after retirement, my doctorate has helped me take up many teaching positions including teaching the Basic Aircraft Engineering Program at the Hong Kong Institute of Technology.

I am now the Vice-President of UON’s Hong Kong Alumni Chapter. In 2015, I attended UON’s Homecoming and Alumni Awards along with Dr Aaron Chiang and Dr Benjamin Fung. I really enjoying networking with other UON graduates and celebrating the wonderful achievements of outstanding UON alumni at the Awards.

I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to UON for their support and for organising all the great events throughout the 50th anniversary year.

I look forward to welcoming many UON students and alumni to the Chapter’s events in the future.