Short Courses Innovation for Growth in Business
Start February 1st
Prior Education Required None
Duration Eight weeks (four hours per week)
Location Online (live seminars), open discussion and collaborative learning
Eligibility Individuals currently or previously working for a business within the Newcastle local government area. Individuals can enrol in multiple courses. Individuals who live and/or work in the Newcastle local government area.

About this course

Innovation by itself does not guarantee growth or business success. However, it does facilitate growth. Innovative, growing businesses generate economic growth and employment, which, in turn, greatly improves people's lives.

Innovation does not happen without people. Individuals within organisations can either help or hinder innovation and ultimately, determine its success or failure. This course overviews the various models and processes of innovation, creativity, interpersonal communication skills for innovation, social networks and the part they play in innovation. It also examines four key growth strategies for business.

Optional assessment

  • Part 1 – Discuss the barriers and facilitators of innovation in a business setting with which you are familiar.
  • Part 2 – Choose a suitable growth strategy for your business and create one innovation that would facilitate the achievement of growth.

University of Newcastle Awards Provided

For participants with no Bachelor degree qualification, unspecified credit of 10 units for each course may be counted towards a selection of University of Newcastle Bachelor programs if assessment is satisfactorily completed.

For students with a Bachelor degree qualification or 5+ years’ management experience, unspecified credit may be granted toward a graduate certificate program.

If no assessment undertaken, Certificate of Completion will be awarded by the University of Newcastle if greater than 60% of required participation hours are completed.

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