Update 3 - Storm Event 17 November – Campuses open, use caution

Tuesday, 17th November 2020 - 4:21pm

Location: Newcastle (Callaghan)

Efforts of University campus service, safety and security staff have resulted in great progress clearing the campus of debris today. Callaghan campus will remain open.

Caution and awareness of trees and hazards is still recommended as clearing and containing damage is completed as soon as possible.

PHYSICS BUILDING: Building will be closed Wednesday 18 November. Localised communication has been sent to affected staff.

HUNTER / RICHARDSON WING: Minimal internal damage. Building remains open. Carpark 7 will be open Wednesday 18 November.

IDC BUILDING: Building open. No further issues.

ENGINEERING: Carpark 8 will be remain closed until COB Wednesday 18 November. Please watch this alerts page for further information.

NIER: Work will continue over the coming days. Communications have been sent directly to affected staff.

PARK ON THE HILL: Pathways have been cleared.

FOOTBRIDGES: Chancellery to Shortland is open. Engineering to Shortland will remain closed tomorrow, Wednesday 18 November.

Staff or students leaving Callaghan after 5pm who would like to be escorted to their car or bus stop, please call security on 492 15888.

Further updates will be provided Wednesday 18 November