Storm Event 17 November – Campuses open, use caution

Tuesday, 17th November 2020 - 7:45am

Location: Newcastle (Callaghan)

Due to heavy storms and winds last night, the Callaghan Campus has sustained tree and debris damage and disruption in a number of areas. The campus remains open, however caution and care are required and it is recommended movement around campus is minimised.

PHYSICS BUILDING: Damage sustained to due to fallen tree. Building and carpark are not accessible at the moment. Please review the alert website for updates.

HUNTER / RICHARDSON WING: Damage to entrance. Please take care and follow instructions getting into the building.

IDC BUILDING: Water damage sustained to portion of ceiling. Please take care and follow instructions inside the building.

NIER: Damage to buildings and surrounding areas. Communications have been sent directly to affected staff.

All other buildings remain open as at 7:45am, 17 November 2020. Please refer to the Alerts webpage for regular updates.