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Engineering - Mineral and Mining

UON ranked 30 in the world for Engineering - Mineral and Mining

The University of Newcastle (UON) Australia has ranked 30th in the world for mineral and mining engineering by the QS World University Rankings by Subject 2017.

Associate Professor Anna Giacomini

Associate Professor Anna Giacomini, Principal Researcher at UON’s Priority Research Centre of Geotechnical Science and Engineering.

The University’s multidisciplinary, industry-focused approach to mining and minerals engineering has resulted in a range of break-through innovations that span geotechnical risk management, mineral processing technology, bulk solids handling and greenhouse gas emissions reduction.

Associate Professor Anna Giacomini is a principal researcher in UON’s Priority Research Centre for Geotechnical Science and Engineering, which develops science-based tools for designing safer and cheaper energy and transport infrastructure. She leads three major projects through the Australian Coal Association Research Program related to geotechnical risk mitigation for mine sites.

Associate Professor Giacomini uses innovative full scale experimental testing, novel laboratory testing techniques and advanced 3D numerical modelling to provide a rigorous and comprehensive assessment of issues from rockfall hazard to haul road safety.

Rockfalls in mining environments continue to threaten human lives, machinery and infrastructure and can have profound financial consequences.

"While each mine site is different and each highwall has different needs depending on the geological configuration of the outcropped rocks and how the highwall has been excavated, our numerical tool can be used at any mine," she explains." We can provide mines with the information they need to manage the risk of rock fall at their particular site."

Approaching the industry with a focus on efficiency, University of Newcastle engineers have a track record of developing revolutionary mineral processing technologies such as the Jameson Cell, a froth flotation device developed by Laureate Professor Graeme Jameson which has netted more than $36 billion in mineral exports in Australia alone, and Laureate Professor Kevin Galvin's Reflux Classifier, which efficiently separates fine particles on the basis of either density or size.

Meanwhile, researchers such as Professor Mark Jones are reducing energy costs by developing more efficient bulk solids handing, storage and transport technologies, and Professor Behdad Moghtaderi and his 30-strong research team are reducing greenhouse gas emissions by delivering safe, new methods of managing ventilation air methane (VAM) generated by underground coal mines.

University of Newcastle researchers from across the full spectrum of engineering disciplines are committed to advancing the technologies and processes that support the mining and minerals industry to become safer, more efficient and sustainable.

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