UoN: Building Partnerships in energy and resources research

The Newcastle Institute for Energy and Resources (NIER) is a multidisciplinary research hub established by the University in 2010. NIER provides a new collective-based model that engages both academia and industry on a common platform to collaborate on significant local, national and international research into the critical issues of energy and resources. NIER research priorities sit alongside the energy reform agenda of government, industry and the community, and address rapidly emerging issues in the energy and resources sector.

An important part of NIER's research program is its work with the resources sector to improve productivity and efficiency in our mines. At the same time, NIER collaborates with industry on research into renewable sources of energy that contributes to a more sustainable future. A third stream of research activity at NIER is its work with the community looking at the social dimensions and impacts of mining activity.

With a growing local and national reputation, NIER has established a strong presence on the world stage through collaborations in China on smart grid technology and in South Africa on bulk solids research.

Researchers working within NIER may span a range of locations and disciplines, but through one door, industry in Australia and across the world are able to access innovation in energy and resources across a range of fields.