The Hunter Project

The next 20 years is likely to be a time of great change in the Hunter region. The 'Hunter Project' is an initiative by the University of Newcastle to work together with partners to build the capacity of this great region, and support its social, environmental and economic development during this time of change.

Building a highly skilled workforce through education is a priority under the University's 'Hunter Project' - but this does not come without its challenges. The region's proportion of 25-34 year olds with a Bachelor degree is approximately 17 per cent, falling well below the national average of 27 per cent, and the Australian Government target of 40 per cent by 2025.

The 'Hunter Project' will allow the many separate UoN projects currently carried out by different researchers in fields as diverse as social sciences, creative arts, architecture, health, engineering, economics and law to be part of an integrated larger scale community focused project.

Such a project aims to bring the collective capacity of the University under the one framework and engage with industry, government and community partners to shape the future of the region.

The Hunter Project will streamline access to expertise and offer our partners one 'entry point' to access the range of knowledge and innovation available in different parts of our own and other organisations.