Meeting the research and innovation challenge

World-class performance and a reputation as an upwardly mobile institution will ensure we are positioned to work with the world's best universities in our areas of strength - our 'spheres of achievement'.

It is critical in this context that we continue to realise the outcomes of our commitment in establishing the Hunter Medical Research Institute (HMRI) and the Newcastle Institute of Energy and Resources (NIER), and that we continue to attract 'global innovation leaders' and competitively funded early and mid-career researchers in our core areas of strength in medicine and engineering. We will build greater capacity in our national centres and collaborations in geosciences and geotechnical engineering, biotechnology, bioinformatics, control systems and mathematics, to engage with the top institutes in the world as valued partners.

We will also support new areas of research strength and innovation in those discipline areas that take on the challenge of building scale and focus, such as creative industries and the humanities.

We will build a number of 'research and innovation clusters' to strengthen multidisciplinary research, and enhance knowledge transfer capability of specific relevance to our Central Coast and Hunter regions. These clusters will offer a one-stop-shop for business, industry and government partners to work with researchers who bring different capabilities to bear in thematic areas such as the creative industries, defence and others.