Meeting the equity and access challenge

It is time to build on the remarkable success of UoN in supporting students from a diverse range of equity backgrounds to achieve a university education.

While UoN is a national leader in terms of performance in equity in higher education, it is a 'quiet achiever'. We will build a more visible 'Centre of Equity in Higher Education' at UoN to provide greater co-location of students and staff in our enabling and equity programs. The Centre will offer an opportunity to engage in research that will build a strong evidence base for the support of access, retention and success of students from many different backgrounds at university.

Similarly, UoN will take on the challenges laid down in the Behrendt Review to support the next phase in the commitment to Indigenous education and research, which will lead to a further increase in participation of Indigenous peoples in professional areas. UoN will continue to work with our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities to ensure appropriate graduate attributes are met. We will pursue greater outcomes in Indigenous student access, retention and success; and we will strive to strengthen our cultural inclusion and the embedding of Indigenous knowledges across the University.

The Umulliko Research Centre will develop in its next phase and work to win key Indigenous research projects based on its strong philosophy of 'doing research that is identified by Indigenous communities and makes a difference'.