A rewarding, stimulating and supportive place to work

The contribution of each and every one of our staff members is important if we are to deliver the 2025 Vision. We will recruit academic and professional staff who are committed to the UON Vision and values, and we will provide staff with the opportunities to be innovative and to excel in what they do.

Our collective performance cannot rely on a select few, but will require staff at all levels and parts of the organisation to be actively engaged in the implementation of our NeW Directions strategies and goals. Achieving our goals will not be without challenges, given the ageing demographic of the academic workforce in Australia, predicted shortages in labour market supply and the global 'war for talent'.

Our expectation is that all academic staff will be research-intensive, and deliver high-quality research-integrated learning. They will be networked with colleagues and industries across the globe, and may be engaged in knowledge transfer with regional and global communities. In particular, we will provide support for early career academics to excel in their respective fields.

We aim to lead the sector in developing the 'next generation' of higher education professional staff who have opportunities to gain experience across a number of areas within UoN, and to build a portfolio of skills and awareness of international and national benchmarks for performance. Our professional staff will provide excellent leadership and service, and play an essential role in supporting the delivery of all elements of NeW Directions.

We will devise a distinctive UoN career development process that is sector-leading and provides a competitive advantage. In our policies and our practices we will convey an active commitment to the principles of equity, diversity, and the health and wellbeing of all staff.