The artist

Nicole Chaffey is a descendent of the Gadigal and Biripai peoples of Eastern NSW. She has been living on Awabakal lands for the last fifteen years.

While her work is contained within the stylistic conventions of European painting, the visual connection to Aboriginality lies within subject matter, which is the relationship to the Australian landscape. Instinctual mark making charts concepts of discontinuity of culture, familial connection and emotional relationships to country. Her paintings explore issues of contemporary Aboriginality, memorial and emotional ties to the country of her ancestors, and the intricate familial relationships that connect it all.

Chaffey completed a Masters of Philosophy at the Wollotuka Institute, the University of Newcastle, in 2015. She was also the 2013 Industry Post-Graduate Scholar in Arts Administration working with the University Gallery. She continues to work with the Gallery and with the Lake Macquarie Regional Gallery.