Staff who make their mark

UON attracts, fosters and retains remarkable academic and professional staff who actively contribute to our reputation for innovative and engaged teaching and research. UON staff are distinguished by their willingness to change the status quo when required, take on new challenges and provide inspirational leadership. Our staff engage cooperatively to deliver agile solutions and the best outcomes possible for our students, partners and communities.


1. UON will be recognised for the diversity and equity of its workforce and for the calibre of staff who collaborate to change the status quo and build an agile and outcomes focused culture.

2. UON will be a sector leader in the attraction and retention of outstanding staff seeking to make their mark as leaders and innovators in their profession or field of endeavour.

3. UON will be the safest and healthiest university in Australia for staff and students.

Lead strategies

1. The UON future workforce

We will define the requirements of the UON workforce of the future, implement succession planning for key roles and launch a suite of staff development programs to support our staff to thrive in the rapidly changing world of higher education.

2. A healthy and safe university

We will build on the success of our Healthy University Program and drive safety improvement through visible leadership, targeted risk management and high staff engagement to create an interdependent safety culture.

3. An agile culture

We will develop a culture where we are willing to harness business intelligence and disruptive business innovation to streamline collaborative decision making, implement effective action plans and remove cumbersome decision making processes to ensure the rapid delivery of excellent outcomes.

Key measures of success 2020

We will have increased staff diversity, achieved the target of 3.9% for Indigenous employment and be in the top 5 of Australian universities for female staff in senior leadership roles.

We will be a sector leader for our 'UON Culture' as determined by our staff rating in the areas of results, role clarity, change and innovation, communication and cooperation and service quality and processes.

We will have the lowest injury frequency rate of any Australian university.

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