The contribution of each and every one of our staff members is important if we are to deliver the 2025 Vision. We will recruit academic and professional staff who are committed to the UoN Vision and Values, and we will provide staff with opportunities to be innovative and to excel in what they do.

Future Workforce Plan Strategic Objectives

  1. Staff are supported to perform at world-class levels and to be innovative in their practice.
  2. UoN has the leadership capacity and capability to deliver the 2025 Vision, performance targets and lead strategies.
  3. Staff are clear about their roles and the performance required to support career aspirations in the context of the 2025 Vision.
  4. Staff actively engage with international, national and regional communities and our conjoints, alumni, friends and benefactors.
  5. UoN is a vibrant and dynamic community and a healthy and rewarding place to work.