Graduates who make a difference

Our outstanding staff inspire and support students. The UON student experience prepares our graduates to be global citizens, leaders and entrepreneurs who are eager for life's challenges and will change their world for the better.


1. UON will be distinguished by the quality of our teaching and the experience of our students.

2. UON students will engage in education, research and work opportunities across the world.

3. UON graduates will have high levels of employment, start-up businesses and drive creative, technological and social change.

Lead strategies

1. Teaching of the Future

We will reinvent the ways in which we support our academic endeavours and the ways in which we teach to inspire excellence and create excitement among our students and education partners at all of our campuses and locations.

2. iLEAD Plus

We will build a new integrated student leadership program based on the UON Graduate Identity to enhance global mobility, social responsibility and employability.

3. The UON Entrepreneur

UON students will engage in courses and programs that provide experience in technological, creative or social innovation and entrepreneurship.

4. my Future

We will develop a personalised UON Portfolio for students to capture both formal and informal education and work experiences to better integrate the worlds of work and study, and enhance graduate employability.

Key measures of success 2020

UON will be competitive in the attraction and retention of talented students based on its focus on a vibrant student experience and ensuring the employability of its graduates.

UON will be in the top 5 of Australian universities for overall student satisfaction, teaching quality and generic skills, and in the top 10 for graduate employability.

terracotta rooftops of the east coast sprawl... flying back home to make a difference