Driving global and regional impact

We work with partners across the world to build equitable prosperity, social cohesion and healthy communities. We engage with business, industry and government to deliver innovation and impact. We exploit new knowledge to create start-ups, new businesses and new jobs across our regions.


1. We will be recognised as a lead university for research engagement and for staff mobility between UON and business, industry, government and community organisations.

2. UON will deliver economic impact through commercialisation of new knowledge and job creation as a result of contributions to business improvement, entrepreneurship, the creation of start-ups and new businesses, and the supply of industry ready graduates.

Lead strategies

1. Delivering impact

We will establish at least five UON Global Impact Clusters to address global challenges built on the base of our research concentrations and working across discipline and national boundaries. These GICs will ensure excellence and discovery, drive innovation, business development, commercialisation and impact.

2. The UON Innovation Hub

UON staff and students will engage in creative, social and technological innovation and entrepreneurship and be supported to work with partners to create start-ups and new businesses across our regions.

3. UON Business and Industry Connect

We will work with industry and business partners to support Associate, Fellow and Professorial appointments who will provide expertise from business and industry and we will support our academics to gain experience working in industry and business. Our Business and Industry Connect strategy will be supported by physical and digital strategies including the integration and collocation of industry and business with academic partners.

4. The UON Engaged PhD

Our doctoral training program will include supervisors from academia, business and industry and will broaden graduate knowledge, skills and attributes; improve the employability of doctoral graduates and facilitate the translation and commercialisation of research outcomes.

We will establish a number of Industry Doctoral Training Centres with partner organisations to build capacity in areas of national and global relevance and impact.

Key measures of success 2020

UON will have a measurable increased economic, cultural and social impact in our region built on new jobs created as a result of new knowledge, innovation and commercial outcomes leading to business improvement, the creation of start-ups and attraction of new businesses to our regions.

We will be in the top 5 universities in Australia for engagement with, and support from, industry, business, international partners and the community.

the moment whewn different elements come together... to create impact