Building a sustainable future

UON responds nimbly to changes in our external environment, targets investment to align with our vision and strategic goals and effectively manages our resources and campuses. Investment in our workforce and our physical and digital environments ensures we are equipped to meet future challenges. Responsible management of our unique campus environments ensure we take account of the needs of the next generation.


1. We will target growth and diversification of our income base and reduce the reliance on government income sources.

2. UON operations will be effective and efficient against sector and relevant external benchmarks.

3. We will invest in delivering our strategic goals and in maintaining a physical and digital environment that will place us as sector leaders for student experience, research performance and industry engagement.

4. The future of UON will be sustainable through responsible long term financial and environmental planning that takes account of the needs of the next generation.

Lead strategies

1. Building NeW Futures

UON will develop the infrastructure to ensure our future competitiveness through the Building NeW Futures program and joining up our campuses to connect the digital expectations of our staff and student communities with smart facilities to create an intelligent campus environment.

2. UON Digital Advantage

Investment in the UON Digital Advantage will transform our capacity to deliver world class education, research and innovation and provide a digital workplace that enables smarter ways of working, a collaborative and efficient 'one UON' approach and a connected and engaged workforce.

3. Financial sustainability

UON will develop a Financial Sustainability Dashboard to inform and guide sustainable financial and strategic investment decisions.

4. Environmental sustainability

Our Environmental Sustainability Plan will provide leadership, innovation and inspiration to our staff, students and the broader community in environmental sustainability through management of our UON Footprint and teaching and learning, research and community engagement activities.

Key measures of success 2020

UON will ensure financial sustainability through ensuring it maintains its financial performance in line with achieving an equivalent underlying 'A' credit rating.

We will deliver our strategic goals and maintain a physical and digital environment that places us as a leading Australian university for student experience, research and innovation performance and engagement with industry, business and our communities.

Our environmental planning will take account of the needs of the next generation. We will achieve a 20% reduction in CO2e/m2 Gross Floor Area by 2020.

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