An enduring commitment to equity and social justice

We ensure students from under-represented backgrounds can enter university, graduate and succeed. We collaborate with partners to provide global leadership in the field of equity in higher education through pioneering research and practice. We break new ground and work tirelessly to challenge persistent inequalities in higher education.


1. We will achieve parity between the proportion of UON students who enter and graduate from diverse socioeconomic, cultural, and disability backgrounds with the proportion of people who are from those backgrounds in our regions.

2. UON will be recognised by communities, governments and scholars worldwide for excellence and innovation in the field of equity in higher education and for the high success rates of all of our student cohort.

Lead strategies

1. Your pathway to a UON Degree

Develop a unique UON entry model that provides new ways for students from a range of backgrounds to access undergraduate and postgraduate studies.

2. From access to success

Deliver tailored learning experiences that support successful outcomes for all of our students independent of background.

3. Expand access to higher education across the world

We will work collaboratively with international partners to develop state of the art higher education equity frameworks in countries where access and participation rates are low and unequal.

Key measures of success 2020

We will achieve parity of participation of students from low SES and Indigenous backgrounds or with a disability with the proportion of these populations in our regions.

We will achieve parity of retention and success across all of our student cohorts.

a child taught stories of walking to find the source of the water... educating the next generation