A shared future with our communities

UON has strong relationships with our alumni and donors, our business partners and sponsors, and with leaders and friends in the communities in each of our regions. Through reciprocity and commitment we work together with our partners to support the economic, social and cultural transformation of strong regional communities.


1. UON will have a demonstrable civic, cultural and social impact in each of its regional communities.

2. Our communities across all our locations will support our students and our research through philanthropy and sponsorship in recognition of UON's role in shaping new futures.

Lead strategies

1. Transforming our regions

UON will engage with our partners to bring thought leaders, disruptive innovators, cultural icons and social commentators to each of our regions and to drive social innovation and economic transformation through influence, education and impact.

2. Shaping NeW Futures

We will build capability, capacity and readiness for a major campaign that reaches out to our UON community in Australia and across the globe to support our enduring commitment to equity and excellence.

3. UON Alumni Connect

We will implement the UON Strategy for Advancement to connect and expand our alumni relations with a clearly articulated value proposition for our alumni. Our alumni leaders will continue to provide wisdom, strategic advice and business acumen and champion UON's vision and values. Our students will engage with UON alumni across our regions and the globe in work integrated learning opportunities, internships and mentoring programs.

Key measures of success 2020

Over half of our students will engage in paid or volunteer capacity with businesses, industries, government and community organisations across our regions.

Our community support for the UON mission in equity and excellence will increase through generous donations, philanthropy, campaigns and sponsorships.

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