A passion for excellence and discovery

Our areas of excellence in education and research have scale and span discipline, regional and national boundaries. We recognise that research, discovery and access to new knowledge are at the heart of a world class education. We are resolute in our commitment to excellence in Indigenous education and research and to the importance of Indigenous culture and knowledges.


1. UON will be distinguished globally for the quality of our staff, the world standing of our education programs and the scale and excellence of our research.

2. All UON degree programs will include inter or multidisciplinary courses and access to research that is relevant to the big challenges that face the world.

Lead strategies

1. Building scale and excellence

We will grow our competitive portfolio of major UON research groups, centres and institutes based on quality and synergy, the capacity to mentor emerging researchers, and deliver new knowledge, innovative solutions and global impact.

2. The UON Research Advantage Program

Our Research Advantage Program will support researchers to deliver competitive, high quality research, collaborate with partners from across the world and develop as international research leaders.

3. The UON next generation degree

All UON degree programs will include inter or multidisciplinary content relevant to the big issues facing the world and meaningful engagement between students and research leaders and innovators.

Key measures of success 2020

The quality and global relevance of our education and research programs and partnerships will place us in the top 200 of the world's universities by 2020.

We will be in the top 10 universities in Australia for research income, quality, the number of our PhD students and their timely completion.

the earth shakes and cracks, mountains are made and destroyed and a landscape is formed... our research is transforming the landscape