We are industry leaders in environmental sustainability. We are working on a range of initiatives to be a sustainable university.

Industry leaders in campus management

We are focused on sustainable management and development practices that protect and enhance the unique natural environments we enjoy on our campuses. We are working towards implementing sustainable actions in five key areas:

Energy and carbon

We are consistently rated as one of the most energy efficient universities in Australia as we are bringing down our energy use and carbon emissions. Some of our initiatives include purchase of 10 per cent green power, LED lighting upgrades, gas and solar hot water systems, airblade driers, motion sensors and auto-switch off systems.

Landscape and biodiversity

Bushland percentagesA key strategy in our NeW Directions Strategic Plan is to retain the unique natural environment of our campuses. Our natural bushland setting is a much loved aspect of the education experience. Our Landscape Management Plan (PDF 6.5MB) addresses the challenge of preserving the bushland character while balancing campus functionality, security and development. Current initiatives are bush regeneration and off-set management.

Sustainable transport

Carpooling statisticsWe are working to introduce sustainable transport options to reduce traffic congestion and manage the demand for car parking. In line with our Strategic Transport Management Plan (PDF 4.9MB) we are aiming to reduce the use of cars by 20 per cent and increase the use of public transport and green options such as cycling. Actions implemented so far include a carpool matching system, creation of carpooling car parking bays, charging points for electric cars and bike lockers.

Reducing waste

Waste statisticsWe are making changes to reduce the amount of waste we generate. We are doing this by looking at ways to avoid, reduce, re-use and recycle. In 2012, we saved 200,000 kilograms of waste from going to landfill. A cost saving of about $20,000 a year. Some activities include recycling programs, fluorescent lighting, e-waste recycling, mulching and reuse of vegetation and chemical waste collection.

Saving water

We are consistently a leader in the sector in terms of low water use. We have rolled out a number of programs to reduce the amount of water we use including collection of stormwater for irrigation, water tanks connected to toilets and sub-surface irrigation system on ovals.

We are bound by a range of statutes in all campus activities.