Campus Action

Since launching in May 2015, Champions have already made some good impacts quietly rolling out environmental changes across the university and spreading the message.  

Champions4Change has over 130 Champions spread across Callaghan and Ourimbah signed up, has hosted 5 Ideas into Action workshops in last 3 months, and completed the Blackout Challenge which got the attention of the Chief Executive Officer, Nat McGregor.

The actions taken below are just the first step to positive environmental, social, and financial sustainability changes that will be made through being a Champion.  Get connected. Drive changes. And get your idea into action.

Fresh Local Food 

The UON Community Garden, managed by Annie Stazak, has seen a dramatic facelift and boost in produce.  Over the summer the garden built elevated garden beds (by Hip Hite Gardens), which have helped deter local animals from eating the food and reduced safety risks.  

The Community Garden gala day during Green Week had over 150 people attend and 5 industry groups, and the harvest days have been well attended (see picture on right.) 

During the second semester the garden plans on securing funds for their solar water pump (which will use local dam water), increase their student volunteers, and help provide fresh food to the community.   

Stationary Reuse 

Chancellery based Champion, Corrina Robertson, has been hard at work this year, participating in every activity and actively recycling all stationary which is pilling up due to the refurbishment of the Chancellery.  During Semester 1 o-week over 100 binders were given away for free to students and during semester 2 with the help of ResFest we were able to recycle all the ones in the picture (approximately 200)!

This reuse project saved hundreds of good quality D-ring binders from going to landfill, reduced transport costs, and saved the students money on UNI stationary supplies.

Tasty Tuesday

The Eat Well Live Well residential dining hall program is switching disposable takeaway containers to reusable food containers.  Partnering with Alliance catering for Tasty Tuesday, The ResLife Champions are reducing waste to landfill (3 plastic containers for each takeaway meal!), educating about waste, and improving food quality for students.  

Starting July 2015, students will be given reusable containers to use when they want take away food.  . The money Alliance is saving from not purchasing plastic take away containers is being spent on better food quality including steaks and more healthy vegetarian options.

For more information visit UON Student Living

BOTH and GTB are going Compostable!

Bar on the Hill and Godfrey Tanner Bar are going compostable.  Nearly all of their takeaway packaging now can be recycled or composted.  

Yourimbah - Ahead of the Pack

Yourimbah has lifted the bar for everyone else at UON.  Prior to Champions, they had already switched to compostable and recyclable packaging and have a good "switch it off" policy. Green Day - Ourimbah this year, compostable coffee cups (new and used) were filled with soil and seedlings.  Students and staff were able to cut the bottom out of the cup and stick it straight into the ground for a delicious fresh herbs.  And they want to do more!

Yourimbah are looking to expand their reach and activities.  Participating the Ourimbah Library Ideas into Action workshop, they will look at energy efficiency, as well as, increasing use of the community garden and raisin awareness of fresh food on campus. 

Furniture Recycling and Reuse

The Champions are hard at work trying to stop furniture going to landfill.  So far we have recycled or reused approximately 60% of the waste. 

  • recycled over 26 tons of furniture, 
  • reused 8 trailers worth of furniture to local schools, and 
  • internally have relocated at least 30 pieces of furniture for reuse. 

During second semester, Champions4Change would like to establish a permanent reuse/recycle website for UON furniture. 

Did a project spike your interest and you want to join in?  Please email