Environmental Sustainability Plan 2015 - 2017

To be recognised as a global leader we have an obligation to demonstrate real continual improvements in our environmental sustainability. The University of Newcastle has released its second Environmental Sustainability Plan (ESP) and the principle aim is to provide a clear plan of action to deliver measurable improvements in the University's environmental sustainability performance.

The University has adopted a number of high-level, strategic objectives that form the priority areas for this ESP. Each of the below listed objectives is supported by reporting measures in order to provide measureable tracking of the University's performance in these key areas of sustainability.

  • to reduce our carbon footprint through energy efficiency measures and carbon offsets
  • to adopt water sensitive urban design principles to minimise potable water consumption
  • to identify strategic zones for landscape management, incorporating biodiversity protection, ecological function and broader campus requirements
  • to implement waste management practices that adopt the principles of avoid, reduce, re-use and recycle
  • to deliver sustainable travel options for everyday travel to, from and around the University
  • to implement a University procurement process that considers social, ethical, environmental as well as economic factors in its decision-making
  • to integrate long-term environmental sustainability into our strategic asset management
  • to be recognised as an international leader in research aligned with environmental sustainability, with a particular focus on sustainable resource use and biodiversity
  • to ensure students graduate with an understanding of environmental sustainability issues, both in their own disciplines and as members of society
  • to promote the University of Newcastle as a campus responsibly managing its physical and natural assets

The University has set ambitious goals and we are working hard to achieve these through successful implementation of this action plan. We acknowledge the importance of behavioural change in achieving our objectives and our network of sustainability champions will drive awareness and improvements through the Champions4Change program.

Our planned actions for the next three years demonstrate the breadth of our commitment to reducing the University's environmental footprint and seeking to continually improve our environmental performance. The University has already developed a strong foundation and we are confident in our ability to meet the challenges this ESP offers.

The plan has been formally approved by the University Committee on Environmental Sustainability, Executive Committee, and UON Council.