Delivering our strategic plan

Our 2015 vision

UON aspires to be a global leader in each of its spheres of achievement. Through engagement with partners, UON will deliver world class innovation to support the development of strong regional communities.

NeW Directions Strategic Plan 2013-2015

The NeW Directions Strategic Plan defined a clear set of goals and strategies to build UON’s global and national performance and reputation in education and research and innovation. The Plan also focused on the development of our future workforce, our campuses and our physical and virtual infrastructure and ensuring financial sustainability. The achievements of UON in delivering the goals of the NeW Directions Strategic Plan in 2015 are recognised and celebrated in this Annual Report.

The Next Decade: NeW Futures Strategic Plan 2016-2025

During 2015, our staff, students and community contributed to the development of our new decadal plan, NeW Futures 2016-2025. The Plan provides a road map for the next 10 years captured in eight themes, covered below.

NeW Futures.jpg