Help on campus

Security and emergencies


The University provides trained security officers to help ensure you and your property are safe on campus. If you are feeling threatened or are concerned by something you have seen or experienced, so something just does not feel right, our Safety and Security Services team are here to help.

If it is a life threatening emergency always call emergency services (Police, Fire, Ambulance) on 000 first otherwise call the Safety and Security Services team.

Callaghan Campus (02) 4921 5888
Newcastle City Campus (02) 4921 7962
Ourimbah Campus (Central Coast) (02) 4348 4222
Port Macquarie Campus 0412 595 054
Sydney Campus (02) 8262 6488


Your part of a safe community. If you are feeling stressed or anxious there are counselling and support services to help you cope.


The Safety and Security Services team are here to help. Your safety and the security of the university’s property is a significant Importance to us. Areas that we are responsible for include:


For all the ways you can get around campus day or night click here.


In the event of an emergency call the emergency services on '000' and also call campus security on the number relevant to the campus the emergency is occurring. In an emergency our Safety and Security Services Team act as the Chief Warden until emergency services arrive. For more information on what to do in an emergency click here.


It takes a community to build a safer campus. If you notice anything suspicious, witness a crime or incident in progress or something just does not feel right, let us know. You can report any immediate security incident by calling Safety and Security Services or using a security help phone. You can also send us an email and we will look into it and make sure everything is OK.

An incident can include:

  • Personal harm to self or others (including physical, threats etc.)
  • Property events (including theft and damage)
  • Suspicious or concerning behaviour / activity
  • Crimes which are in progress

Our Safety and Security Services team are committed to the safety of everyone on our campuses but we all need to work together to ensure a safe campus community.


We have a range of handy tips and advice, fact sheets, maps and videos to assist you stay safe on-campus.

The health and safety of our students is extremely important. Click here for more information on how you can be a good human.


Our team can provide a 30 minute safety awareness presentation to students and staff. The talks are particularly helpful as part of an induction or orientation process as they can familiarise you with the services we provide, how to contact us and also provide a range of tips and advice on:

  • how you can stay safe whilst on and off campus
  • how to get help during an emergency
  • support programs in place for victims of crime.

Email us if you have a student event and would like to have a Safety and Security officer present to your group.

First aid

We have over 100 qualified first aid officers across Newcastle, City precinct, Central Coast and Sydney locations, as well as at other University staffed sites.

Find your nearest first aid officer.

First aid officers:

  • provide first aid assistance to staff, students and visitors
  • ensure First Aid Kits are stocked
  • report incidents and list first aid provided through the Online Incident Report Form
  • provide assistance in the event of an evacuation.

Lost property

Security Services manage lost property. If you are looking for a lost item, please email Security Services with the following information:

  • the date and location the item was lost (if known)
  • a detailed description of the item (colour, brand, distinctive markings etc)
  • your contact details

Please also contact Security Services if you have found lost property. Please bring items to Security Services in the  Services Building at Newcastle campus (Callaghan) or Facilities Management Building at Central Coast campus (Ourimbah) as soon as possible.

All lost property is kept for one month. After that time, if the owner cannot be identified we will dispose of the item appropriately.