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The University of Newcastle is proud to support innovation in the Central Coast through world-class research.

About Innov8Central

Under the leadership of Project Architect Dr Anton Kriz from the University of Newcastle's Business School and Senior Consultant to Newcastle Innovation, the Central Coast Innovation Advisory Committee developed the Regional Innovation Plan  for the Central Coast in 2010.

Our aim is to take innovation from an overused term and turn it into a great tool for enterprise. The goal is to build an innovative culture and community of practice at enterprise, regional and a national level. The impacts will be substantial for our stakeholders as we work to transform the business and social ecosystem and nurture sustainable growth through better practices in innovation.


The four components or programs within the Regional Innovation Plan are expected to change the innovative landscape on the Central Coast in the short and long term.

They are:

Listen to UoN's Dr Anton Kriz from the Newcastle Business School talk about the Regional Development NSW Innovation Plan for the Central Coast.

The role of the University

In addition to the significant contribution of Dr Anton Kriz, the University's commercial arm, Newcastle Innovation, was contracted by RDA Central Coast to deliver the Central Coast Innovation plan. 

Newcastle Innovation provides the administrative structure and support to the team and importantly contributes their expertise in the area of Innovation.

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