NeW Space Post Occupancy Evaluation

After an extended period of user group consultation and transition planning, the UON in July 2017 relocated a number of staff workspaces from the Callaghan campus to a new building in our Newcastle City campus. Additionally we commenced delivering courses from the FBUSL from our new NeW Space building and provided expanded and enhanced teaching and student support spaces.

A Post Occupancy Evaluation (POE) is a structured approach for the evaluation of the performance of our new facility – NeW Space, when it is fully operational. The NeW Space POE is to evaluate whether the facility is fit for purpose and understand how it is supporting business objectives and meeting user needs. This assessment process will assist continual improvement processes by identifying what’s working well and where improvements are needed, either operationally and/or physically.

Complete the survey before 22 October and you can win one of 20 x $100 gift vouchers.

Why are we doing this?

By undertaking a POE we are committed to seeing where we have done well and identifying where we can do better next time, not only from a design point of view but also through the transition and change management process.

By engaging now within the first few months post occupancy we can gain feedback on what’s working well and where improvements might be needed. Enabling the UON to provide a quick response to any emerging issues and make adjustments to immediate operational issues.

When will this be happening?

Communications commended on 4 October to advise students and staff that they will have an upcoming opportunity to participate. Feedback tools will commence in October with the survey released on 9 October, focus groups will be undertaken late October. A utilisation study will be undertaken sometime in October as well for a 2 week period.

How do I participate?

Students, including HDR students, and staff will be emailed a link to complete a survey. Within this students and staff will also have the ability to opt in to be a participant in a series of Focus Groups that will focus attention on key themes as identified in the preliminary results of the online survey. A utilisation study of the building will also be undertaken during October and a select number of in-depth interviews will occur. All students and staff that complete the survey go in the draw to win 1 of 20 x $100 gift vouchers. There will be 10 winners drawn each week that the survey is open. Participants in the focus groups will also be rewarded for their time.

How will this occur?

In the coming week students and staff studying and working in NeW Space will have the opportunity to provide feedback on the transition process and the operational nature of the building to help shape future projects. This opportunity is their chance to tell us about the many aspects of the transition to NeW Space including:

  • How the design and functionality of the teaching spaces is supporting the shift to the active learning
  • How the design and functionality of the student collaborative and social spaces are supporting the shift to collaborative learning
  • How the areas such as the library, Information areas, reception points are supporting the new Student Service Model
  • How the design and operational nature of the staff workspaces is supporting the collaborative workspace model whilst still allowing for concentrated work
  • How the 5 different transport options to get to the city campus is meeting the needs of our students and staff

What will be the outcome of this POE?

Through this POE we are looking to see where we have done well and where we can improve regarding moving people and the operational aspects of the new building.The UON is committed to make changes if there is evidence of an immediate need. Over the coming weeks and months you will see a range of continuous improvement actives including minor physical changes and operational changes. Stage 1 of the POE has been specifically devised to focus on the operational aspects with Stage 2 to drill down further on the strategic objectives of the project. As part of Stage 2 an external consultant with be reviewing the policies and guidelines that govern the design of all our teaching, learning, student and staff spaces across our campuses.

I visit NeW Space often for work or to study, when do I can get to tell you about my experience?

You will be able to provide feedback through other student or staff focused surveys undertaken by the UON in 2018.