Parking at the Civic West Car park

NEW $10 all day rate ......

(when using registered parking account and parking in UON signposted parking area on levels 8-11)

For full details on parking at Civic West Car Park using the UON allocated spaces and rates, click here
To use this car park you must register for an account prior to arriving at the car park. To register for an account click here

The Civic West Car Park is owned and operated by Civic West Carparking Pty Limited (trading as Hunter Parking and Storage). The Civic West Car Park uses licence plate recognition technology and online registration to allow access, and a prepaid account process to pay for time parked in the parking station.

The UON has a Licence Agreement with Hunter Parking and Storage allocating parking spaces and at a reduced rate when UON students and staff park in the UON parking area and use a registered account to pay. If you do not park in the UON parking area or do not register an account using your UON email address, you will be charged the normal commercial parking rates.