Sustainable Resource Management Major

Why study a sustainable resource management major at the University of Newcastle?

The sustainable resource management major within the Bachelor of Science degree will provide you with knowledge and skills in national priority areas such as biodiversity, coastal environment and critical aquatic habitat, sustainable practices and community engagement. The field of Environmental Sciences at UON is ranked in the top 150 in the world, according to the 2016 QS World Rankings*.

In a sustainable resource management major you will learn how to achieve sustainable practices by striking a balance between protecting and using our environment.

Achieving sustainability in the management of Australia's natural resources is vital if we are to ensure the country's ongoing social, economic and environmental well-being.

When you study a Bachelor of Science majoring in sustainable resource management, you will take part in fieldwork and laboratory activities that provide you with hands-on skills in resource management using equipment and techniques typically found in the workplace.

You will also have the opportunity to further develop your skills by undertaking research and placement courses in third year or through an Honours program after completing your undergraduate degree.

Suitable for science students with:

  • An interest in learning how to design, implement and manage sustainable practice.
  • Goals to advise organisations at local, state and federal level about sustainability.
  • A commitment to educating others about the importance of sustainable resource management for the survival of the human species.

What do you learn in a sustainable resource management major?

In the human resource management major you will study a variety of courses to teach you about sustainable practices:

  • Biological Theory: Students will study courses in biological theory to learn about ecosystems, organisms and anatomy. This will provide foundation knowledge to help you understand the environments that will benefit from sustainable practices.
  • Environmental Ethics: Courses in environmental ethics will introduce sustainable resource management students to ideologies of destruction and preservation. Your study will ask you to consider what environmental destruction is, and what sustainable use of natural resources looks like?
  • Sustainable Practices and Management: The core of your study will focus on how to develop strategies for sustainable practice. You will learn to communicate your laboratory research and fieldwork in formats that will inform the behaviour of organisations and communities in relation to their use of the natural environment.

What double major is best for sustainable resource management?

  • Biology: The study of biology will expand your knowledge of ecosystems, organisms and natural dependencies.
  • Earth Sciences: You will learn about the Earth as a planet, it’s structure and systems.
  • Geography: In a geography major you will study how the humans interact with the environment, access to natural resources, and the social impact of environmental management.

What jobs can you get with a sustainable resource management major?

There is ongoing demand for graduates who understand how to design, implement and manage sustainable practices. A sustainable resource management major can be applied to careers at a local, state and federal level largely within government and council departments.

Sustainable resource management job opportunities include:

  • biodiversity conservation officer
  • community support officer
  • environmental officer
  • environmental or sustainability educator
  • national park ranger

Which degrees include this major?

The Bachelor of Science and any associated degree program allow you to study a major in sustainable resource management.

The sustainable resource management major is available at both our Newcastle (Callaghan) and Central Coast (Ourimbah) campuses.

*More information about QS is available at