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Professor Paul Dastoor

Condensed Matter Physics

Designing revolutionary innovations such as solar paint and needle-free glucose tests has put Professor Paul Dastoor at the forefront of the emerging field of organic electronics. His advances are set to improve the environment and lives of communities around the world.

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Associate Professor Vicki Keast


After studying for her PhD at Lehigh University in Pennsylvania, Vicki went on to a post-doctoral position at the University of Cambridge. Her current research interests include plasmonic materials and the corrosion of silver nanoparticles.

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Professor John O'Connor


Since joining UON in 1981, John has collaborated across the University and the globe in a broad range of spheres; from surface and medical physics to science communications.

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Professor Colin Waters

Space Physics

Supported by computational modelling and a handful of advanced data analysis strategies, Professor Colin Waters' insightsinto the inner workings of solar-terrestrial events are helping to safeguard several space-based assets and technologies.

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Professor George Willis

Mathematical and Physical Sciences

A continuing theme of George Willis's research since he received a PhD from the University of Newcastle upon Tyne in 1981 has been the interaction between algebra and topology.

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